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Mining Equipment

We currently supply our products to the leading mining houses and associate industries throughout Africa and Australia. What do we procure? Anything required to run an oil and gas company, from pencils to sub-sea drilling equipment, from cleaning to technologically advanced consultancy services. Read More


Our company provides customers with an integrated supply chain service. This includes sourcing, warehousing, transport (road, sea and air freight) and the management of final delivery. Our success is based in part on the personalised hand-on service as well as the rigorous systems and back-end administration the company offers its clients. Read More

Understanding the needs of the client.

We offer our clients with wide range of products at a low delivering costs. Read More

Chicken & Chicken Equipment.

We proocure chicken equipment for small and emerging farmers to medium sized poultry operations. We have taken every necessary step to ensure that the equipment we procure are of high quality. We have received a lot of positive responses about our services, and a lot of interest from different countries around Africa consider us the number one supplier. Read More

Delivering more from your procurement and supply chain

Procurement and Supply Specialists.

Contact us for more Info Dilokile Kanna Trading and Projects has emerged from humble beginnings and is a driving force in the Procurement Industry. We attribute this success to our commitment to maximum efficiency and personalized service