About Us

About Us

Dilokile Kanna Trading & Projects provides our customers with global procurement and contracts services that are unsurpassed in the industry.  

With annual expenditures exceeding $18 billion, we support large, complex projects in remote locations of the world using suppliers from 120 countries. We have the right processes, automation tools, market data, volume, and skilled professionals to meet our commitment to our customers: the responsible purchase and safe delivery of quality goods and services, from reliable and diverse suppliers and subcontractors, where they are needed, on time, and at the lowest total cost of ownership.  

With our more than 2,400 procurement and contract experts and experts, we provide complete end-to-end supply chain management services.

What we specialise in:
  • Contracts management (formation and administration)
  • Support and speed up projects
  • Global market watch
  • Import-export and regulatory compliance 
  • Inventory and warehouse management
  • Materials management 
  • Property management
  • Purchasing
  • Supplier diversity
  • Supplier quality and shop assessments
  • Traffic and logistics
  • Travel management

What you get
  •  Professional assistance —experts in their fields—located in major economic and industrial centres of the world.
  • State-of-the-art automation equipment.
  • Proven work processes—supported by operational excellence programs, subject matter experts, and six sigma methodologies—that allow us to obtain a full range of goods and services, which are customized to meet customer and project requirements. 
  • Innovative supply chain solutions to complex execution, such as industry-leading RFID deployment at large sites.
  • Significant spending volume with an advanced market-watch program that can be leveraged to obtain value for our customers by identifying global opportunities and mitigating currency and price risks. 
  • Long-term, senior-level relationships with key manufacturing and contractor organizations to promote collaboration and innovation to reduce costs.

Knowledge of local laws, markets, customs, and procurement practices that enables sourcing from locations around the world in compliance with all laws and regulations